Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scans and Such

OK I finally got motivated to do some scans from my old motorcycle engineering books. The scans came from P.E. Irving's Motorcycle Engineering (pub. 1961) and P.E. Irving's Tuning for Speed (pub. 1948) 
These are some great drawings from motorcyling's past. Enjoy them, and if you can, try to hunt down some of the original books. They're pretty cheap if you an find 'em and they have some good basic info for any one putting together a cafe racer or working on their classic bike. Anyone who reads this is welcome to contact me for larger hi-res scans of these great Drawings. More to come in the future!

After I post this I'll be off to my workshop to sort through my extra stuff to cull the herd so-to-speak. I'm down to the more expensive tasks on my Aermacchi 350 and my XT500 Paris Dakar rally bike replica. I'll need the extra coin! 

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