Saturday, August 15, 2009

I really think in the grand scheme of things, the importance of life and possessions are really central to the existence we lead. For example in social interaction, I've noticed that the mere mention of motorcycles will usually ostracize me from a potential new social group or employer. Like a motorcycle (or 4) in my garage relegates me to the fringes of society where crystal meth fueled brawls and unkept beards are secretly being filmed by the FBI (or History Channel's Gangland.) Instead of being a "fascinating hobby" like photography or rock climbing, it's like a blot of gravy on a resume.
Well, here I am, not belonging to either of those worlds. Half of my days are spent denying my 2 wheel impulses so I might be presentable in hopes of regaining some kind of reasonable employment to support my family. The other half of my day is spent either wrenching away at some greasy hulk in the corner of my current garage or studying the aesthetics of classic race machines like pornography for my mechanical fetish. So, is it these impulses we feed that are shaping us socially and professionally? Is it these machines that define us as humans that allow us to stand out in relief against the smooth surface of society? Am I wrong to feel that my life and possessions are one great unemployed blob of mechanics and aesthetics? Maybe...

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