Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go Baby, GO!

FINALLY! I got some time to get into the garage. Beautiful newly powder coated frame and all the stuff I need to get this project on the way. I just need to pull the trigger on a bunch of stuff that Mark Apland has set aside for me.

This project finally drew first blood. I put a pretty deep hole in my hand today. for some reason it didn't hurt at all after the initial poke. just looked down and the surgical glove I wear to work started to fill with blood...a lot of blood. Pulled off the glove and I had a bunch of sub dermal fat sticking out of the hole that the spring pulled into my hand. Cool.

After the bood drama finished I got the chrome center stand on as well as the side stand, the Manx style PCV breather tank and the alloy swing arm. Pics coming soon.

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