Sunday, January 31, 2010

Piston arrived yesterday!

After a long wait for the guy from eBay to ship the piston (he forgot) I finally got it. I hope the machinist can punch out the cylinder quickly so I can get back on schedule. I'll also have him cut new valve seats while he's at it. I've already smoothed out the ports a bit. Nothing radical, no re-shaping just cutting down some of the casting seams and texture.

I also got the tapered bearings installed today. I'll need to order some new fork tubes from Mike's XS asap so I can re-build the forks.

The hubs and rims are at the powder coater and new spokes will be ordered shortly from Buchanan's. I've decided that Black rims and hubs will look pretty nice with chrome spokes! Hmmm pretty nice? or just plain SEXY!

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