Sunday, November 22, 2009

New SR500 teardown

Back from the weekend at my sisters place. I got into the garage only for a few minutes to work on the SR. It's pretty much ready to grind off the extra brackets and clean up the frame. then I guess I'll either rent a welder or take it to a local shop to get a few tabs put on. I'm chasing down a powder coater here since I'm kinda new to this area. I'm missing the awesome shops in and around Motown for car and bike custom work.

I plan on draining the oil and pulling the engine out tomorrow if I have time, but I do have some other chores and appointments on my shedule. It's always a strange thing to open up an SR engine. So many people have suped 'em up over the years that it could be a gold mine of race goodies inside or it's bone stock and worn out's a fucking mess that a ham fisted kid with good intentions but poor skills has destroyed.

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