Saturday, November 21, 2009

New SR500

OK, I Bought another SR500 this week. I'm really looking forward to building this! I got it in Traverse City, MI. When I drove 5 hours to get it I was - well... disappointed. When I got there. It was a lump of SHIT! The owner had exaggerated the condition to say the least. Last time I bought a lump of shit like this, at least it had some good internal parts. This one is just an old tired 28,000 mile thumper. So I'll have my work cut out for me on this project.

So far, I've completed the initial break down and component removal. I'm now in the process of dry fitting all of the cafe bits to it, grinding off the unnecessary brackets and welding on some new ones.

I drove out to my storage space and pulled out all of my SR spares and the alloy tanks to see what will look best.
I'll still need to get new clip-ons, lights, fork tubes, tachometer and speedo set, etc...etc. I know how these things evolve.

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